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Dip Tray

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Not sure if others have had this problem, but the first few times (I just purchased it) I've used my new "GOSM", I've had drippings down the legs and bottom. Now being a novice, I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I know my regular grill and offset smoker have drip cans, so I'm confident this is normal. The water tray inside catches most of the drippings, but not all.
I've learned to work under an overhead cover - in NW FL, T-storms pop up unannounced and really sucks trying to drag everything under cover when it starts pouring (another lesson learned the hard way) . So, under the cover, the drippings were going out onto the concrete which makes another hard mess to clean up.
Anyway, I thought about this and made a "Drip Tray" out of some scrap lumber I had laying around to surround the legs. I cut a piece of plywood for the bottom and screwed pieces onto the bottom to make the sides.

[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Cyndi/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-2.jpg[/IMG]Attachment 5483

I placed kitty litter in the bottom to soak up any drippings. I haven't tried this out yet; will fire it up tomorrow. Hopefully things will work as planned.

I know all the creative minds out there probably have a better "mouse trap" and other things will work just as well. But . . . simple things for a simple mind...

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I get some dripping down the left side front and rear legs of my GOSM. Not a real big problem but mine is on a surface made from some old slump blocks and they have a throw away factor, due to my stockpile.
I think your idea to catch the dripppings, with the kitty litter, should serve you well. Perhaps transition to a metal tray if your current approach works out.
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Drip tray

I've had a GOSM for a few years now and put a galvanized drip pan from NAPA Auto supply, it's wide enough to catch the drips from pulling out the trays and turning any meats and not trash my cedar deck. @ $15
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I have used sheets of that cement board stuff in a couple thicknesses for a similar purpose. You know, the stuff Home Depot sells for tile underlayment.

The thin stuff like 1/4 inch, placed over 3/4 plywood makes a sturdy, fireproof surface for smokers, grilles and those portable fireplaces.

Keeps decks clean and no burn spots. And, with a couple short legs or a few bricks, brings that smoker up closer to eye level....suprising what just a few inches will do in keeping backs in line during a smokin' session!
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