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Pork butt pics

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WEll guys I gotta thank you for all the tips!

Heres some pics. Its still pretty early but im getting ready to wrap it up.

I brined it over night, yellow mustarded it then put on some rub. Stuck her in and have been smoking all morning. Now stopping with smoke and am going to wrap it up.

The 2 small pans are my make shift drip pans. haha

This is my second time. Last time was a big hit but im thinking this one should blow everyone away. I cant take the credit though. Ive been giving it all to you guys! Thanks!

4:55am this morning

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Lookin' good!

Can't wait for the finished pics!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Makin' my stomach growl. Those look real nice. Good job!!
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your hungry? The smell is taking over my house! I cant wait!

Just wrapped them up. Cant wait to see them all fell apart.
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