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gypsy's shrimp salad

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2lbs fresh 80-90 count shrimp peeled,boiled(in zatarain's shrimp boil),& deveined(walmart lies & calls them 100-150 count-be sure to ice rinse them over night & rinse again 3 times while stirring in a collander)
4-6 hard boiled eggs
2-4 cloves smoked garlic
1/4 stalk celery or 1 tea spoon celery salt
1/4 cup smoked onion
1 tbsp basil
3tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup mayo
1 good squirt spicy brown german mustard

mince the garlic,onion,basil,celery,& lemon juice ina food chopper
add all ingredients- stir-chill, enjoy.

another recipe- same thing but replace the shrimp w/ smoked mahi mahi(dolphin fish),grouper,amberjack, or tuna.

spread on a garlic poppyseed cracker...
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p.s. even add 3 sliced fried crumbled bacon & bacon grease white wine flash sauteed fresh spinach to the food processor for a great dip.
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All low carb, I'm trying it tommorrow. icon_biggrin.gif
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carb ??? ain't that what makes a classic car go zoom zoom fast ???
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I am going to definetly have to try this one, me and the old lady's pops just opened up a seafood market in town and we are selling about 150 to 200 lbs of shrimp a week and I am getting bored with fried shrimp. Thanks for sharing, cant wait to try it out.
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good deal steve- i see yer in georgia- i hope yer getting fresh american bought & caught shrimp- i'm from the texas coast- imports & fuel ran me out of a 3 generation 40 year 2 sides of the family business... made me sick to buy 100-150 count farm raised steroid fed chinese shrimp @ $6.50 per lb from walfart... last shrimp i caught were 10-15 white clean no row and i got paid $1.25 per lb head on for them......when i was paying $2.95 per gal for tax free diesel fuel... ok enough of my rant... they just don't taste right. best of luck w/ the biz & if it's american & fresh will ya drop ship ????
p.s. just pm me anytime- i got all kinds of seafood recipes... i prolly have more shrimp recipes than bubba freakin' gump- lol
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Yeah no WaliWorld crap here, We get em straight off the boat, I drive down to Fernandina Beach Florida bout 2 hours away once a week and pick em up. We are selling the large for 6.99 per lb head on and the jumbos for 7.99 per lb head on. I will get back with ya on the drop shipping also. Have a good one.
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I thank you Steve smile.gif It seems that, everyday, us AMERICANS, forget we live in AMERICA, and we buy, foriegn(sp) cause we can save 2 cents a #. Gee, what does that foriegn shrimp boat pay into the American tax base? DUH! America, I shake my head at you. icon_cry.gif Terry
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oh don't even get me started on that- it's just a simple lesson of american/foreign import tariff foreign payola policy politics & how we support other countries to put american influence there @ the expense of the american taxpayer... so much deeper than shrimp.....actually a shrimp is the perfect example- small insifignant lower member of the food chain... ok ok i'll shut up no- but a couple great recipes nonetheless....
p.s. don't ever never buy yer kid chinese made or mattel corp. toys again. buy american toys(if ya can find them)
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Hey man.........that sounds like a great recipe.........I'm definitly trying this!~
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MAN-O-MAN I'm betting you can hear my tummy growlin from here.

I've got some KW pinks just waiting to be eaten like that.
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Thanks Gypsy I'll be making this on Sun.
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cool smokin'- lemme know how it works for ya.
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i just had a great brain f*rt..... add butter & garlic soaked smoked artichoke & the flash sauteed spinach to that fer a dip..... or add 1/4 lb crumbled bleu cheese or cream cheese to it....
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