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Pumpkin head

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Ok, so I was out of my usual rub, but I had some Brown sugar and a bunch of pumpkin spice someone gave me (we like to make pies for thanksgiving..lots of pies). The pumpkin spice sufficed for added flavor, but I was wondering has anybody used this and possibly combined it with another ingredient that would compliment it? I still have a lot of pumpkin spice left over. Oh and I should mention it was used on a Pork Shoulder in a Brinkman's Charcoal smoker.
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No, I've never used it. Sounds interesting. Was it good?

BTW, welcome to the forum!
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Never used it before.

I have heard stranger things though. Give it a try and report back.

Thanks for the idea
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It only left hints of the flavor in the meat, which was overpowered by the smokiness very, but the bark was very tasty. It left me with the feeling that with another complimentary ingredient I could be on to something.
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I used the pumpkin spice again this time, sort of a 1:1 ratio of pumpkin spice and a Bad Bob's Hawg rub on chicken wings, made about 2 dozen of them. Good thing I stopped there I would still be eating them, they came out great.
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