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Hi, My name is Allen and I have been smoking meat off and on for 8 years. I have been to 2 BBQ cook-offs in Mo. last year with some friends, and this year was at the K.C. BBQ Soc. Cook Off in Mo. and will be partcipating in the American Royal Oct 4-7, 2007 with the same people as last year. I consider myself a beginner cause there is soo much to learn and perfect. I have 2 smokers #1 is a Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker and #2 is Pitmaster. I live in Iowa so we get all kinds of weather.
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Welcome to SMF Allen. Glad to have you with us. We like to see pics of your smokes, if you get the time take some and post em. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Keep Smokin
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welcome to smf allen.
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Welcome to the SMF. Land of great people and Q!
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Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to the SMF familyicon_exclaim.gif

Stick around - look around & ask questions you will learn what you need to knowPDT_Armataz_01_39.gif
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Welcome to SMF... and wait a sec...Iowa gets all kids of weather?

From Michigan, with love...

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Glad you found us. In a way we are all newbies, we all can learn new things here every day and still not know it all.

I once worked with a guy that his statement was " the more I know that more I know I don't know"
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF, see ya in the forums .
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Welcome aboard Allen, glad you found our little corner in cyberspace!

Have fun!
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Hi Allen!...Welcome to the SMF!...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif...Glad to have you Aboard!...
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Nice to have you with us Allen. Plenty of friendly folks here with an abundance of knowledge. I look forward to your posts.
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