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taylor meat thermometer

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on this meter it said do not touch the probe to metal. does that mean just the end part or the entire thing. The reason I am asking is I put the probe in the meat and it is sticking out enough that the top of it is in contact with my aluminum pan cover which is also touching the metal smoker itself thus making metal contact is this bad will it fry my probe. Never would have thought so many quesitons would arise. thanks for the help guys and gals.
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I think you are fine.
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I think so also.
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Ditto with the others. I'm thinking the manufacturer means dont lay it on the grill or up against the metal interior wall of the smoker.
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The tip of the probe is made up of two parts with an insulator between them. Contacting the tip with any metal will cause it to short out. I had the probe of an Oregon Scientific short out when one of my sons thought he was helping me by sticking the probe into a foil wrapped pork butt. Stuck the probe right through the foil. What ticked me off was that I only had the thermo for a month.
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This site is great! Now I know why my Taylor stopped working after only 2 months. I was poking it thru the foil.
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No one wants to throw out a piece of equipment that cost them some good money, but in the long run, you may be glad. Scroll down through this Meat Thermometers forum. Browse through the thread on Thermometer Opinions. There is some very good information on Taylor and Maverick brand thermometers that you might want to check out before you replace yours.

Good Luck
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Would the thermometer short out if the probe mas laying in the water pan if full of water?
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I have lost one or two that way.
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The reason they say don't let it touch metal is because it could short out, but it's the tip they're talking about.

Carry on...PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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I had mine in the water tray last night a couple of hours to check for accuracy, it seems fine.
When it shorts out, does it turn off completely?
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What I always call a short (which may or may not really be accurate) is when I get readings that are all over the place, like sticking a probe in a cold butt and getting a reading of 400......

The more I have thought and re-read the posts, most of my "shorts" have come from the plug end getting wet, not the probe end. Sorry if I added confusion to the situation.
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