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ok not exactly a jackpot but a pleasant suprise

i was coming home from work and decided to swing by the grocery store because they were supposed to have pork shoulders on sale but they were all out the last time i went in. Still no pork shoulders but i spot spare ribs. i'm flipping through and i notice about a half dozen are priced wrong at $1.50 per pound. picked up 3 racks for under $25.

i'm busy this weekend because i'll be attending a clam chowder competition in Long Beach Island, NJ so they'll have to wait til next weekend, but i'm going to be thinking about them everyday until then. I love doing spare ribs
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What a sweet deal, The smokin gods were good to you today.
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Ya gotta love a good deal

Congrats thats a good deal.those dont come along too often. post your pics when they are smoked.
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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The Chowder comp sounds awsome ............. Take your camera and sneak a few shots of anything interesting you may see & post 'em on this thread please! I would love to see 'em ...... I bet some others here may find it intersting as well.

Thanks in advance & have fun
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