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Need Help on Freezing

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I have to freeze some meat (part of the stolen brisket) for a month or two, I do not have a food saver yet, that's in next months budget. My question is would it help to wrap the meat tightly in cling wrap before wrapping tight in foil to prevent freezer burn. Any better ideas are more then welcome
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that should work- just doublewrap w/2 sheets of foil.
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Hey Hawk... I have froze meat solid, and took it out and ran cold water over it a couple times with a min or two between coats. Puts an ice shell round it. Then wrapped in the plastic. Seems to really work...
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Your idea will work. What I do when I make my own ground meat, sausage and even veggies to put in the freezer, I use zip lock bags for freezer use. The freezer bags are thicker than normal "sandwich" bags. Never a problem even when storred over numerious months. Been doing it that way for many yrs.
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Go buy a roll of freezer paper; You can use some cling wrap first to get rid of air, then wrap in the freezer paper. Double wrap it if you wish to keep it even longer. Using just a plain ziplock will trap air in it and you will get freezer burn. I process a couple of deer each year at home, and when I double wrap, I have yet to get any freezer burn for up to 12 months.
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I was just going to post what I see Phil S just suggested.
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Also, with the zip lock bags, seal them except for about 1/2 inch on the end of the bag, then suck out all the air and seal. That helps alot with ice crystals and freezer burn. Terry
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