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Chicken Wings?

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I've smoked whole chickens, legs, thighs and splits, but now I have my mind set on smoking some chicken wings. Can this be done? Any tricks of the trade when it comes to smoking chicken wings? Thanks.

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I have smoked them a few times, I rub them with OO then coat with a rub I like and I smoked at 225-250 because I usually smoke with other meats. I smoke for 2-2.5 hours then I place them over the hot coals on a cooking grate to crisp up the skin. They are great this way.
I sometimes will baste them with a Hot sauce mix I make up..

Last weekend I smoked about 2 hours then tossed in the deep fryer to crisp them up...... OOOOOhhhhhh were they good.

Good luck with the smoke...
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I did chicken wings in the Silver Lake Backyard Comp & the top rack on my CG w/SFB runs around 300 to 325 So the skin does come out somewhat crisp. I Marinate them in store bought wing sauce & mop them every hour with a mop sauce of the wing sauce beer & EVOO. The EVOO helps to crisp the skin a bit.
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Thanks for the help. I can't wait to get cooking!
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i suggest a quick sear on the grill/over the coals before they go into the smoker if you don't like rubbery skin

good luck
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I didn't know that. I thought they got the heat after the smoke. Thanks, I will try that next time. biggrin.gif Terry
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