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Those pesky cameltoads (PG13)

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Very funnyPDT_Armataz_01_11.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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That's a good one. Next time I'm in the woods near the pond I will look for some camel toads too. You think I'll find any?? LOL....
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OMFG if that wasn't an actual picture of the article I never would have believed it! That is hilarius!
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Well I'd be lickin em....
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Probably one meat I'd never even THINK of smoking!
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I've seen some that were smokin'... biggrin.gif
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Paul, I don't want to dis-illusion you, but you got a sno-balls chance in hell. smile.gificon_razz.gif And if you DO find one, you better beat feet the opposite direction before momma ketch's ya and whups the dog snot outta ya. tongue.gificon_eek.gif Terry
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Do you think if you kiss one it'll turn into a princess? I've been trying but no luck so far. LOL
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I've licked a few of them in my day and the only thing they caused was marriagePDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Thanks Beast now I have ice tea commng out of my nose.
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[quote=BigArm's smokin;93103]Terry you are exactly right! MaMa better not read this forum that's for sure.
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Beast, that was a good one,LMFAO. I never thought of that. I know Terry has licked a few in his day but he won't admit it LOL. He's just afraid it would have the same result as Beast had with it.LOLicon_smile.gif
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Terry's a cowboy, he's not afraid of anything PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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As long as he doesn't squat with his spurs on, he will be fine !!!
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Ok you preverts rolleyes.gif , I am barely recovered from the "Pigcircles" incident. eek.gif any more of this terrible abuse and I might turn into an accident waiting to happen. icon_biggrin.gif Thats ok, I can take it. I'm from Montana, where men are men, and so are the women . eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif Dang Chadpole, THATS why I'm single. Please ship me up one of your beautiful southern girls, make sure she has a beautiful drawl. icon_wink.gif Terry
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All of our Georgia girls are beautiful and have that Georgia Drawl. I like you so much I just don't think your heart can handle it. I am going to look around for an Alabama girl that benn hit a few times with the ugly hickory stick,LMFAOtongue.gif
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Well sir, it happens that I know a "bama" girl, she is STUNNINGLY beautiful, and, she loves me. icon_smile.gif But, her husband won't let me have her. icon_frown.gif therefore, Why don't you let your wife pick out my girl, if her drawl sounds ok to you, send her up. But give me a few days(weeks) to clean the house up. icon_rolleyes.gifredface.gifredface.gif Terry
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Come on Terry, I'm sure she won't mind the horse in the living room. Or the hay in the tub. But the saddle in the bed may spook her a little. Now the girls in TX. like that kind of stuff and they have that cute Texas twang!
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R Rated, seriously, R RATED

Ok you guys, momma Debi is gone for a few days, she told us to TRY to throttle y'all back. icon_eek.gif Ya right, here is a link that will finally splain, "camel toads" don't click if your not a male human, over 16. No females allowed. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif sincerly, Chadpole, Coleys smokin BBQ and GypsyseaGod, Terry's not here so we hijacked his site. wink.gif
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