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Well I just got the doors cut out of my tank, decided to go for a two door design....gonna through some wood in it and fire it up tonight to burn out whats in there. Its over at my one of my buddies, he just bought a brand new sand blaster and is gonna clean it up good for me. Just waiting on getting some steel so I can build me a box and some cooking racks, I'll get some pics on here and soon as my buddy gets them off his camera.
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Sounds like you are doing good smokerrookie. Looking forward to those pictures.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I finished up my propane converted smoker last night. I will be cleaning it up and painting it this week.

I removed the caps on it.

Flipped it over and let it sit for a few weeks.

Flushed it with water twice.

Let it air out for a week.

Here is the part I dont condone....try at your own risk:

Dropped a hand full of fireworks in it and ran like I was being chase by a lion.

The next day we started cutting into it. We were done with the first door before we realized we did not blow up.

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Welcome aboard, I look forward to to seeing your progress.
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Welcome and good luck with that smoker!
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smokerrookie, show us that smoker! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Best listen to the goats advice, if you don't, then there are 72 virgins awaiting you in Paradise.
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crap........if i thought that was true i would of checked out a long time ago..........NOW i'm too old..............icon_lol.gif

just in case.......that was a joke folks.........

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Glad you posted that Goat. I was going to say the same thing. Filling the tank with water is the only way it should be done. The vapor can lay in the tank for a good while even after removing the valve from it.
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Really looking forward to seeing some pics!
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Attached Pics
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more pics of smoker
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more pics, how do I upload more photos on one thing?
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Looks like your coming right along with it. Gonna be a nice smoker when its finished.
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Nice job Smokerrookie. I am glad that you were somewhat safe. Keep us posted with the progress.
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All right! Bout time we saw that thing. wink.gif
And gosh! It didn't blow up or anything. Told ya.
Are you building it as a reverse flow or straight through?
Wish I could find a tank like that.
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Looks great man! Hey keep the pics flowing. Start using photobucket and upload your images to it. Then cut and paste the image code to smf. you can have tons of photos then! Good luck
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That's looking good Rookie! Here's a place you can get those spring handles for cheap $3.99 - just cut em off!

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looking good thats gonna b a nice rig, that sawall will give you some nice tight lines on your doors,but it takes as long time. have you considered useing gate hinges for doors that size. they look good too. keep the pics coming wildcat
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yeah, were can I get some gate hinges? what do they look like?
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