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Apple Wood Cheap

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I just picked a cord of applewood for $ 30 this saturday. Dude said he could all I needed for the same price. So if any of you Michigander's need some let me know, I'll give his number.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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He out your way? Marktee...my bro...lives in Attica. And the Beast is gonna be hungry!
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Yep, next town over, Caro. He does have anything right now but could have in very short order.
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OK.. well, pass along his # in a PM, iffin' ya don't want to post it, and I'll forward it to the Bro. Maybe he can get on a list for good smokin' type woods...
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I'll do it tonight or first thing in the AM, thought I had it with me.icon_mad.gif
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Thank you, Sir!
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Anybidy who wants the number just shoot me a PM
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