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Is it possible to subsitute, say a salsa recipe, to use green tomatoes instead of red ones? Are there any dangers in this?
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If you're subbing just for color, I would try tomatillos. This is a common sub known as salsa verde, it will have a different taste. I've never subbed using green tomatoes, but if they can fry them, I guess you can use them raw. Hope this helps.
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I don't see the harm in it, personally. Probably just a different flavor profile....

Maybe this site will help.

Pulled up the tomato page, but it is a helpful site anytime you are looking for a food substitute.
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From MY experience, don't eat ALOT of 'em... Nothing harmful, as long as a restroom is close at hand later, tho...heh
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I'm with Rich. Tomatillos for a green sauce. Whole different flavor and a good one IMO.
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I am on the thought of the first big freeze being right around the corner. My plants are loaded with so many green ones, not saying anything about all the blooms still on these plants.
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pickled green tomatoes...a friend of ours does some regulard and some hot with hot peps from the garden.
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you mite want to check out those new bags that keeps fruits and veggies fresher, longer..........can't remember who makes em........the commercials been on alot......

some, just stick in your windows........they will ripen wife even just sets em on the counter.........and they ripened

but like Rich tomatoes are like green apples........too many at one will be sitting.........on the toilet......hehehe

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CAJUN? Salsa my ***! Think of where you come from man, slice a deep fry them thangs!
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The "fried" was already in my mind. But there are so many, and now the son & his wife have alot also. So was looking for alternatives as to their use..
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There's always green tomato relish - it can be similar to a salsa.

These recipes work well for green or red tomaotes:

Green Tomato Relish
2 gallons green tomatoes cut into 3/4 inch cubes
1/2 gallon white onion cut into 1/2 inch cubes
1 quart banana peppers cut into 1/2 inch cubes
6 cups sugar
2 tablespoons black pepper
1/2 cup salt
1/2 gallon white vinegar

Combine vinegar, sugar, pepper, and salt, stir until dissolved. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a full boil. Remove from heat and pack in quart jars with new ring lids.

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Thanks everyone.. Think I got these green things taken care of.
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Hi Cajun!...

Tomatillos would be better in a fresh salsa...wonderful change of taste...

I agree with Rich and the others about the green tomatoes and the after-effects...But, if you don't overdo it with''ll be okay...

Howsomever...If you're gonna do a cooked salsa (or can it for later)...then you wouldn't have to worry about making the trip to Costco for the TP sale!...tongue.gif

Love'em fried!...even do my 'Embarrassed Tomatoes' every now and again!...

Until later...
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Won't be long now ... 36* here this morning..
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Ya know when I had too many I've left the green ones sitting in a brown paper bag and they turned red about a week later even though they had been picked.
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