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First Smoke

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I had my first smoking experence yesterday and need some help with a few things. I have the BBQ Grillware vertical propane smoker that several have purchase recently. I kept the temp between 225-240 (according to the built in temp gauge). I seemed to have problems getting very much smoke. You could smell it but not see it. I had the top vent open full most of the time. I noticed if I would open the door it would create more smoke so I'm thinking not enough venting from the bottom? Has anyone else had issues with this smoker or advice?

Here's my results

CS ribs (using 3-2-1) very good
ABT were very good
Fatty very good (my son said whoever came up with that is a genius)
Turkey legs good (I had to finish in the oven)
Chicken quarters good (cooked a little to long)
Potatoes never got finished and had to nukem

Thanks for any help,

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As long as you are smelling smoke, you are ok. The smoke, when you do see it, is thin and blue. Depending where your smoker is it can be hard to see. If the food had a nice smoky flavor that was to your liking all is good.

Sometimes the built in thermometers are not accurate. If it is removable you can check it in boiling water or a glass of water with a lot of ice.

Congrats on a successful smoke!
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You'll want to get a "real" themometer. Do a search, there's several posts on quality and servicability of many available brands...

And congrats...Yumm..i Do so love turkey legs!
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Also remember that even if your thermometer is fine, it may be in a poor location.........you want to know what the temp is at the grate level that you are cooking on. If you have multiple levels, you may want to consider multiple thermometers or doing enough testing to know about what difference in temps you are getting between the levels.

Good luck,
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