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Howdy ColeySmokin

Yep already like it here ... Thanks for the welcome

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Howdy TBone Tim

Thanks for the welcome ..... when I was in the Navy we would go to Cold Lake Alberta for intruder/intercept game with the Canadian Air Force

I fell in love with the place and being single with a Southern Accent <brawl> at the time .... well that is a subject best kept off family boards ..... leave it to say Canadian women melt with the first utterance of Ya'll ...... HEHEHEHEHEHEHEE..... misspent youth being remembered.

The locals say they sent water samples of the Lake to the National Health board for testing and they sent it back saying to send an unpurified sample and I could believe it.

One of my most cherished possessions was a Canadian flag I liberated from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Station in Grand Center Alberta as I was returning to base from an indepth study of every form of Duck the great white North and three fine young ladies introduced me to .... I became a legend that night ..... I Love Canada .... But I love the South even better.

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"One of my most cherished possessions was a Canadian flag"

Hopefully it still is. Our northern neighbors have issues with some of our politics, but then again, so do I.

Thank YOU, Canada. The REAL Canadians, and even Don Cherry, too!

OT, would a mod remove this for me? Oops...I just hit "Pos...
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Check out http://www./ They were the one I judged a com for the require 6 samples per box for turn in. There were 36 teams at the Silver Lake Comp & there were 6 tables of 6 judges to judge 6 samples each of chicken, ribs, pork, & brisket. I don't know what sanctioning your comps are under but if KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society) that is the requirement for them & they have the judging rules on the site. Hope this helps.

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Howdy Dude

Thanks for the welcome and I hope this isn't a repeat post ..... lost one some where ..... yes I want the lid but it will be some time before the van is ready for a road trip and the wife is in the pre Christmas fret so ya know how that progressive disease goes.

It is great to meet another Southern Rocker type .... listening to Leon Russel and the Shelter People as I type.

Thanks again for the welcome and the offer.


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no need for a road trip

i can mail it when i gather up big deal

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Howdy and thanks for the welcome Johnd

the KC club is where I have found all the events around me and living less than 50 mils north of KC I will soon be joining it and getting involved. Truth is when looking for contest KC BS stands out as the Premier Organization with contest in almost every state in the Union falling under their oversight.

Thanks for the advice and if you know a good source for thermal detection products for the grill as well as the meat I would be indebted .... got to replace that cold ideal and Hot guage that cake with the grills ... thats like a dummy light .... go for the guages makes as much sense in grilling as it does in your car.

Ya'll have a good'un

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the ones I use but many here like a Maveric-73 or something like that
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Thanks for the welcome and you right my UGA cooking and cheering hat will hang just fine on this wall

Thanks again

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Forgot to mention I use one for grate temp also & stab the meat with the other. I need more more more.... Gotta clear that with the war dept. ( wife ) though.icon_smile.gif
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Howdy Richtee

Sadly it was consumed in the fire that destroyed our house in Homeland Ga some 11 years ago .... we lost everything including a record collection with original first releases in mint condition of the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Cream .... close to 3000 albums .... Thank the Gods for Lime wire

I have no problem with Canada and truly hope they have gotten over the French English thing they were going through in the late 70's when I was there ... we all have our problems north , south or us in the middle.

Have a good'un
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Thanks Dude I will check into it.

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Thanks for the info Johnd

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Well Hello and Welcome Sid -

As you've seen we're a friendly lot and always willing to lend a hand when we can. Enjoy the forum and the company!

BTW - If I understand correctly you are looking for a thermometer to replace one mounted on your smoker? The Cold, Ideal and Hot gauge? They have them up here (or did) at Lowes for around $7. I tad smaller than the brinkman models but they can be calibrated and are very accurate.
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Howdy DeeJayDebbie and thanks for the tip .... we have Lowes out here I just never thought of them before ... I imagine Home Depot would have them too.

Yep lots of friendly folks on this board, I feel right at home.

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