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Sunday's smoke

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Here's to cooler weather. Thought I'd surprise the better half with a slab of pork for Sunday's dinner. She even offered to have mashed taters, and cole slaw with it. Course I gotta make it. Wasn't that nice of her? Would have made two slabs, but found I only had one left. Looks like a freezer fill em-up trip is in order. The picture was taken after about three hours. The other pieces are the trimmins for a little snack.biggrin.gif

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Looks good, have you tried Dutch's baked beans yet, they would go good with them
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WHAT not fattie with that?

Those look great.

Thanks for the picture
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looks good from here.
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No I haven't. What do I need to know to make-em?
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Thanks Cheech. Like I said it looks like I gotta make a run to stock the freezer.
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1. Jimmy Dean sausage
2. Imagination
3. A lit smoker

You can place it in the smoker as is (with out the plastic wrap) or sprinkle a rub on the outside, I add high temp cheese to mine, others have flattened them out added pizza sauce.

Pretty much add what you like get it up to 160 degrees and enjoy.

They are awesome
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I am so greatful to the Smokin Scotsman. After last weekends comp they gave me a ton of leftovers & I have had Q at least 1 meal each day this whole week & your ribs still look great & make me want to get back out there & do some of my own again. Although the wife says no pork for a while. Chicken does sound quite good thoughPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Glad you enjoyed MY leftovers John, can't believe i left my food behind!!
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beef ribs,venison ribs ? there's always a way around...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I offered to try to chase you down. I really felt badmad.gif when we opened the Lang & there YOUR leftovers were. Is there a way we can make it up to youicon_question.gif

You are some of the finest people I have ever met & we would love to have you up sometime for some Q & a swim Your whole family is fantastic & I will try to figure out a way to "get you back". We do have the indoor pool if you like to swim anytime summer or winter, just give me a shout & after you wring my neck we can have a good timeredface.gif
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Gee an indoor pool ... I get an indoor pool in my basement everytime it rains hard does that count? icon_mrgreen.gif

Just kidding!
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Sunday's smoke

Just had some of the trimmins from the slab, and I gotta toot my horn. Better half says their good so I guess that is the seal of approval. Finishin off the ribs in the smoker, and it's eatin time....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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