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Hey Debi, pasta is bad, rice is worse, flour is bad, chips of any kind, bad, pig rinds, GOOD, fruit is bad, some veggies, beans, squash, carrots, etc, bad! Again, meat is fine. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Terry
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i have even heard smoked meats give you cancer

i am getting so old.....i could really care less........pretty will give you cancer

i have to die sometime.........who REALLY wants to live forever.....i don't.......and i don't want to live SO long i end up eating canned dogfood cause its cheap..........

going out in a blaze........budwieser in my hand..........standing over my smoker........smoking a fatty........

i have had 3 strokes........liver desease.........and kidneys damaged cause they didn't catch the diabetis in time..........only thing i got LEFT is my food

sorry off track...........

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Well, folks. it looks like we are on our own. I have been a borderline diabetic for a number of years. I control it with diet and good judgement. I can use a rub with sugar in it because my personal intake is not that great and it can be offset.

In looking through my personal stash and checking out several online sites I see NOTHING that really helps our cause. In addition to that rub recipe posted earlier there were a couple of sauce recipes I would not use as glue!

It's time we put our thinking caps on and fulfill the need of our own niche market for rubs and sauces that are compatable with a diabetic diet regimen.

This is not a contest or anything just an opportunity to develop recipes for our brothers and sisters. What say? Are we up to the task?

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I'm in! Sounds like the least we can do I never knew how many things are bad. I have had alot of diabetis in the family and I am hypogylcemic so I will eventually become diabetic when my pancreas wears out. Fortnately I'm not a big fans of sweets but no pasta, rice and carrots? ..... THUD icon_sad.gif
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Was away yesterday.

Debi, thanks for your link. They Zylotol is sugar alcohol. Doesn't count for diabetes but a lot of folks can't handle it. Plays hell with their disgestive system.

Debi, it's carbohydrate intake that Diabetics have to what out for. Total carb intake should be limited to about 200 gm/day. ALL grains, starchy veggies, fruit, beans, milk products and the like are relatively high in carbs. Refined sugar is not only a high carb product but is in a form readily easy for the body to absorb. In addition to a carb chart, another good piece of reading is the glysemic index charts. These charts group various carb containing foods into to groups based on how quick the body can digest and carbs absorbed. Shelled beans are high in carbs but it take the body a long time to digest so the carbs has min impact.

Fortunately, meat has no carbs. Q is in icon_lol.gif if you don't over do-it on the sugar based rubs.

Those beef ribs I did last week had about 2/3-3/4 of one receipe of Jeff's rub had close to 300-400 carbs in it. Tasted great but not real good for me.
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Looks suspiciously like what I use...and I'm NOT diabetic....heh!

Sugar Shmugar! ;{)
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I have diabetics, astma. bad heart, hepatitis, & high blood pressure. I'm 54 years old, you know what, I'm not going to live in this bubble of fear.If I over do my sugar I'll have a good time for that day, and be careful about it the next day. If I over do something, I just slow downa little later.I know this isn't the right way to handle this, but I brought most of this on myself because of the life style I lived in my past. The problem is I JUST LOVE BBQ, so SMOKE ON!!!
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Not to hijack or anything, but...

I heard last week that the worst thing a diabetic can eat is fried food. My boss told me that it will shoot up the blood sugar quicker than eating sugar. Another thing he said was if a diabetic is having trouble lowering their blood sugar level, regardless of the amount of insulin they have adminstered to themselves, it is because they may have an infection soemwhere in their body.
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All I can say if I don't want that fella as my Dr. Don't see how fried foods can raise blood sugar if it doesn't have any carbohydrates in it.

Not all diabetics take insulin. Only type 1's and a small percentage of type 2's. Most diabetics are type 2's. Type II diabetes is a more complex condition than type I.
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I have to question what your boss said. As I said, I have been diabetic, 44 years, so I consider myself to be an "expert", simply because I have lived it, 24/7. I have measured blood sugar before and a few hrs after eating certain food and drink. I know that everyone acts differently, with the same foods and situations, but in my experience, fried foods don't raise my BS at all, UNLESS, they are battered or are something high in carbs, period. I deep fry chicken all the time, doesn't raise me a bit.
I agree with your boss on the infection, with that, or the flu, or other sickness, the insulin just stops working,even extreme pain can cause very high BS. I can't figure out why? It makes no sense, but it is true. I hope I don't come off as a "know it all", but this is one place where I do know what I am talking about. wink.gif Terry
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exactlly thoughts also........damn dude............your med history looks like mine...........type II here, taking sister is type II........taking'es been a diabetic forr bout 44years also.......

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A Knight of the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke could do no less than that!

To ARMS I say!

<I have a few Dr's for customers... and they owe me!>
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Was making up another batch of rub tonight and I see I owe a number of people an appology about the amount of sugar I was thinking was in Jeff's rub. One cup and not the 2.5 the old mind was telling me. That's 191 carbs and not the over 400 I was thinking.

Would still like to find a way to make a rub that performed on the meat and after the smoke that was lower in carbs.

Next time I just might cut the sugar in half and replace with Splenda. Bag we have says cup for cup with sugar in sweetness. Will have to see.

On another subject, have a couple pork sholders hanging out in the frig all coated up in antisipation of hitting the smoker in the AM. Why didn't I think of subing part of the sugar with Splends on this batch??? My bad.
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Is there a company that sells honey powder or molasses powder? And what's the sugar and/or carb level in each of those?

And, to answer the question about the fried food my boss told me about, it was his wife whose BS ran up after eating fried food. He has be dealing with her diabetes for 33 years, and it may just be an individual rise in BS due to her body chemistry. Everyone is different I guess, so pls excuse the generalisation.
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I don't have values for powder form but in natural state, honey = 279/cup & molasses = varies with extraction and runs from 213/cup for first extraction to 199/cup for 3rd extraction/black strap.

Think it was the type of food and not how it was cooked. Meat has no carbs and if fried, still no carbs unless something added. Carbs are what raises blood sugar level.
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Splenda Brown Sugar

I am diabetic myself tho not insulin dependent. Splenda has a brown sugar substitute. As with all splenda products high heat for a long period of time seems to burn off some sweetness. At lower temps for smoking I think it would work in a rub. Problem is it won't thicken up like sugar when reduced. I know this because my wife tried it in her homemade cinn rolls and they turn out to dry. icon_idea.gif Hmmm, time to do some experimenting.
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