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Chicken parts

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I'm going to throw some chicken on the smoker today and wanted to try the old butter and herb under the skin, the problem is i never done it and not quite sure how. Any help would be great.
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I soften the butter to room temperature and mix in whatever spices I like such as garlic, onion, basil and canjun spice and just stick your finger under the skin and wiggle in a hole and stuff the buttermixture in. You can also melt the butter and spices and inject it into the meat - that's really good!

I use a stick of butter (Margerine actually) to 1 teaspoon or each spice. If you inject make sure it's all chopped up small or it may clg the injector.

Good luck!
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check out my spatchcock thread........he shows how to do the butter under the skin very well

here's the link


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