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Pork & Propane, The Maiden Voyage

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Morning All,

I am going to use the BBQGrillware Propane Water Smoker for the first time with a 9.5lb butt for BBQ tomorrow, got it rubbed and wrapped sitting in the fridge.

Think'n about using the middle rack and running about 225°. I plan on starting around 4am maybe a little earlier, with a dinner around 6-7pm.

I will be using apple juice as my mop. Also think'n I may try it with the fat side down.

Does that sound about right?

Any thoughts or advice?

I will get some pictures of the cook and post if I can.
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I'm no expert, I have done a few butts when I can find they here, but I think you have it covered. Good luck and remember we LOVE pic's!!!
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Sounds like you've got most of the bases covered. Will you be using some sort of thermo to check meat temps to test for doneness?

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Sounds good Pork Smoker - I can't remember did you season the smoker first?

I like to flip my fattys foods so they get even attention with the juice and equal smoke access but I don't think it's that important one way or another. Enjoy the smoke and good luck I think you'll be fine!
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Sounds like a plan. Are you going to pull it or slice it? Your start time should be fine if your slicing, maybe if pulling. If you hit a plateau it may take a while longer. I've had 8 pounders take 16 hours to reach pulling temps.
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I would be careful on the time. 1 1/2 hours per pound is only a guideline. If you are taking it to 200 degrees for pulling and hit a particularly long plateau you may not be eating at 6 or 7 PM.
In addition it usually benefits the butt to let it sit for an hour or two wrapped in foil after the smoke so you may want to give yourself more time.
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Started at 12:15am Sunday morning, meat at 45°, 7:15am 150° stayed at 150° for a few hours then got to 165° around 11:00am, wrapped in foil and went to 195° at 2:15pm.

Wrapped in towels and placed in dry cooler until 5:15pm, the meat just pulled without effort.

I think it went just a touch to long as I like a little more chunk/string, it was moist and tasty but almost too soft.

I used Cherry wood for smoke and mopped with apple juice. I found the modified juice can for chips really helped in the smoke dept.

Pic, another "good look" is at 165° ready for foil.
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Nice pics! Good looking smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Great looking pork!

I use cans on my modified smokers and usually cover the open end with foil and just poke a few holes ... seems to last a bit longer. Also due to the lack of air turns the chunks or chipsinto charcoal smile.gif
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Thanks, I leave the lid attached and just fold it out to re-load chips. The gap leaves enough space for air so I don't need to use foil.
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I'm planning my second smoke and I'm going to do pulled pork also. I have the same smoker as you do (Pork Smoker). Do you set the can on the wood chip box that comes with it or remove it? I hope mine looks that good.
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Hi, I removed the cast iron chip box. I just could not get a good smoke with it, some say it works fine.

I used bailing wire by putting 2 small holes in the can and just hooked it to the water pan rack. I am planning on installing 2 hooks just below the water pan to use for the can. It will be easier to hang and remove it. Mine is about 3-4 inches from burner.

Good luck, let everyone know how it turns out.
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I used mine for the first time this weekend and did not get enough smoke. I could smell it if I got close, but I wasn't quite enough. I'll try the can method.

Thanks for the help
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That is just what I discovered. I could smell a touch of smoke, but after a 3 hour burn the racks look brand new, no smoke stain. I almost fill the can with 1 part dry and 2 wet. I shake the can to mix and started on high burner until I have good smoke. Then just bring down the temp to 225°.
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