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don't be scared...just say hi

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to all the guests..we're a friendly bunch.just pop in & say hello. welcome to the site... don't be shy now.... it's only food....
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If you out there just lurking - pop in and say Hi! We're a friendly group and love to welcome new members to the group.

Come on down! wink.gif
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speaking of guests.........

how DO guests get on here........everytime i want to show my friends in other sez they need to log in..........

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They can just browse they just can't post until they join.
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I wish they would join, right now we have 17 members and 55 guests on the site, show yourself, we don't bitePDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Just join in

Read as much as you like and when you are ready join in you wont be sorry.Great people with great info somebody will have the answer
Good luck and Good Smoking
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Debi........when i give a link, like say to one of my q-views, it sez they must enter nick and do they get by this?

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Gee I never get that Dude - maybe the site just knows me?
I can see the posts I just can't post till I sign in. Hmmmmm

I just logged out and tried it again - as long as it's not a picture to click on I can see everything. Pictures ask me for a login.

You using this link?
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thats because this site places cookies on your computer........that way you don't have to log in everytime you visit......

if you go into Tools, Internet options, privacy, and remove the line that sez time you access the will have to log in......

no biggie.......just would like my buds to be able to see my q-views without having to join......

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