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Are side vents really needed???

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I have the GOSM propane unit. The $100 model from Walmart. My dad has the next step up, little bigger and has the vents/dampers on the sides. I have two pieces of stainless steel here and a metalshop that I can make these dampers in no time. What is the actual purpose of them? I want to maximize my unit, should I add these to my unit?? And if so, where to locate them to maximize their purpose?? Thanks as always, TJ
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Dampers are used in conjunction with the flame adjustment to control the temps. Are they really needed? well my verticla doesn't have 'em but it has one at the top. But in my opinion, no not really, but you may get more control over the temps with 'em.
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That same question was on here lately.

As you can see, there really has not been a solid answer. I have always wondered why the "Big Block" has side vents and the smaller units don't? Was it because of the lower price due to being sold by wal-mart? The vents in my opinion must have something to do with the temp etc. Your thoughts?
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I am going to add them to mine to resolve a problem I'm's a link to my previous post
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WV, we are on the same page on this subject.
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I read that post before fellas, thanks thow has good info... I am not having problems, I just want to know if those side vents push more smoke? Keeps smoke moving more so not pressed in the box as long? Are they only for temperature settings???
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you really only want to push TBS..........which really isn;'t pushing..........its summin YOU control.............

least on MY smoker

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Please keep us posted as to if you added the vents or not. Thanks
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Keep in mind one word.."draw" Smoke as well as heat is drawn to escape through an opening. I think you would want a top vent which would draw the smoke/heat up even with no side vents, air is coming in through other openings. Just a thought
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I totally agree.
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FlaGriller makes a good point.... I haven't heard any hard evidence of needing them for better flavor and I am happy with my food so I think I will just keep er as is..........
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