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Anybody with a good receipe for ketchipolte (ketchup with chipolte in it)?
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No but, take a look;


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Thanks FlaGriller, but I've already seen all those from google. Just wondering if anyone has a receipe.
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Sorry, I shoulda guessed. Well now you have a little project for the upcoming weekend! Get some ketchup and chipolte and go for it!icon_idea.gif
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isnt chipotle based off of toasted or roasted peppers? maybe the best ketchipotle ever has smoked peppers, de-seeded and blended then mixed with ketchup........maybe no, but im gonna try it.
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you can even buy smoked chipotle in the stores

try that mixed with ketchup

but yea.......chipotle is smoked peppers..........japs in fact

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didnt heinz make chipotle ketchup before? i remember a couple of years ago they had all kinds of flavored ketchup, but i cant find it anymore. oh well, homeade is always better anyway, right?
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always jack

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