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Canning question???

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I know very little about canning. My question is, can I put chili into jars and can them. I was only wondering if there was an alternative to freezing.
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Check this link out.
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ONLY IF YOU HAVE A PRESSURE CANNER AND ARE PREPARED TO DO A 110 MINUTE @ 10 PSI! Read everything before attempting to can meats! It's not hard to do but you must have the correct equipment and understand what your doing. Consult your University Extension Service and get copies of the American Canning Society Pressure Cooking Tables. All can be found on the web by doing a Goggle search.
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Thanks for the great information guys, I think I will just freeze my chili. That would be a whole lot easier.
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You wont believe how much better it taste if you can it.The pressure seems to drive the taste of the spices into everything,plus its so handy to open up a quart and just heat it up.If we have a lot of tomatoes from the garden we always make canned chili.
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That is what I was after dacdots. The simplicity of just opening a jar and heating.

Does anyone know how much would a pressure canning set-up cost to can quart or half gallon jars?
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If your canning meat products quarts are the largest container you can use, half gallon containers would require more processing time than most household pressure cookers can provide. I have two large All American Canners I purchased on Ebay for reasonable prices. Those are quite expensive new over $200 as I recall, but Presto and others build cheaper pressure cookers available at most home stores, check Wall-mart, or a similar store and you can find one that will hold eight to ten quart jars for about $50. Cheaper on Ebay perhaps. But you can also use the same cooker for "hot water bathing" without the pressure lid for making pickles, or canning most veggies, so you get a multi purpose unit for a good price.
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With the big canning season nearing it end you should be seeing the prices slip soon. Keep your eyes open!
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Thanks guys, I will watch for sales on pressure canning equiptment.

Debi your site seems very informative. I brezzed through it yesterday, hopefully this weekend I will get some time to read more in depth.

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DEER MEAT,Ive always used Mirro brand pressure cookers.My mom gave me hers when she gave up canning cause of her age.It is 45 years old and still works great.Ive bought a bigger version of it and use it as well as the old one.I paid $70 for mine but its well worth it.You want one with the weight on top and not the pressure gauge which is what Presto has mostly.As far as the half gallon jars go people used them for years but the USDA does not recommend them because they are to hard to get the contents hot enough all the way through.You have to be able to kill all the bacteria in your product to make it safe to eat.To me canning is fun,I dont really do it to save money,its more of a family tradition.I also feel great pride being able to can my own food,gives you a great sense of being able to do for yourself and not having to depend on a grocery store for everything.
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I'm sure sure with the price of things you can really save money canning anymore but it sure tases better than store bought food!
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Alot of good information in this post..Almost want to get back into canning..I guess I'll have to start up the garden next year..
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Got my canner from the second hand store for $5
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Gee I wonder if eBay has them too? They seem to have everything!
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Pressure canner

Check Amazon I bought a BIG pressure canner their this summer at less than $100.00. It doesn't have a guage but rathe a weight that can be disassembled for different pressures (5,10 and 15 lbs.). It has worked well for me. Canning venison or any other meat has way more flavor than meat preserved by freezing. We are doing chicken stew this weekend as we just bought a bunch or leg 1/4's cheap. Jim
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We are getting to the time of the year where every year Walmart moves their canners into the clearance isle. Might be worth checking out?
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I recently bought a 20 qt. pressure canner at a second hand store. It needs the weight, but American Canner and other company's still sell them.
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I just got an All American 15 1/2 quart one for 60.00 on E-Bay. Man that is one heavy sucker. I'm not sure how old it is but I know it's old. It's in really good shape.
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I recently found a Presto 21-qt pressure canner on clearance at the local hardware store for ~$60.... holds 7 quart jars or 10 pint jars. Jars with lids and bands are ~$9/dozen and are reusable - you just need to buy new lids at $2/dozen.

So far I have only canned chicken stock, but the whole process is very straightforward. It sounds a bit complicated but once you go through the process you'll be surprised on how easy it is. Plus afterwards it's SO much easier to pull a can of stock out of the pantry ready to go, than pull one from the freezer and defrost it first.

This weekend I'll be canning some venison chili so I have lunch to bring to work! Woo hoo!
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