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Pics from Labor Day

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So, I know its a couple weeks later but I've been busy.

That is my first fattie. Didn't greatly care for it but I'll probably make a couple while hunting.

That is my current project. A 50's golfcart.
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You could make a mobile smoker out of that puppy! icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif
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Im thinking of putting a offset smoker on the back or put a hitch on it so I can tow a nice rig
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Excellent idea ... icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks good StringCheese! What are the flat things? Pretty color.

The go cart looks kewl too! When I was a kid we used to have contest building peddle powered go cart racers at the playground. Loved build those things! I think they were called saltbox racers back then ....
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The flat things are spare ribs and I believe I had a couple of pork loins in there. Are you thinking of soapbox racers?
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yep soapbox racers that's it! Sure am getting my words mixed up lately!
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Cool ride

Cool ride so are you going to be able to smoke while you drive what a great idea be sure to post pics of your project.
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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I honestly have no idea what im going to do with it. More and more I find myself wanting to build a motorcycle so it might be put off a little longer, but I would like to be able to smoke while I drive. That would be convenient!
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hate to barge in but this wkend this guy had a cabin next to our's-late arrival & had a cart that was like a '21 t-bucket/complete w/ a stick wheel. candy apple of course- when i got up @ 6am to get a daylight pic- they were gone....kicking myself for not getting it that night.
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