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its been a while..

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been a while since i have been on here, or have even been able to smoke anything. i have a 4day weekend coming up planning on deer hunting and smoking.. but the question is.. what to smoke?! suggestions?
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Welcome back Fuzzy.
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hopefully deer.... but if yer still working the hunt.. fatty,beans,&abt to keep up the energy for the hunt..
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I don't know about you but pulled pork (with Florida Jeff's finishing sauce) and tender juicy BBs with Jeff's rub are two of my favorites. Regardless, welcome back and hope you have a great four days off ..... perhaps even "catch" a deer.
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Hiya Fuzzy! How bout a nice brisket so you can make chilli with the leftovers to keep you warm after the hunt?
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How about a easy smoke.. Pork loin wrapped in thick sliced bacon.....
Deer is a good 2nd choice..
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