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making lump

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has anyone tried to make their own lump charcoal.......
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Seems they want a red-hot 55 gallon drum loaded with burning wood turned over. Gonna take more than beer for friends to get that done, eh? Or some really dumb friends, I suppose....grin.
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I haven't tried this yet but here is the method I plan to use when I do.
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the only reason i even thought of this is because i cant buy lump anywhere near my house
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So that would be like when I use chunks in my GOSM gasser and take the leftover chunks out and they are black but no white ends or ash.

one more thing we hav a panhead is the sporty like in sportster?
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they should have some firmness to em.....not crumble in your hand

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There's a thread around here some place believe Jeff showed an easy way to do it.
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how about seasoning some wood...

here's my problem...I buy chunks of hickory from the local Lowes (I believe Cowboy brand) but whenever I throw a chunk into my smoker, I get tons of white puffy smoke...not thin blue.

My conclusion was that the wood is too green and not seaoned enough; but I don't have 6-8 months to wait for smoked goodness. What if I get a nice little charcoal fire going in the SFB then throw some chunks into main chamber of my CG Smokin Pro (right onthe cooking grates) and leave it in there to dry for a few hours...maybe at 180 or so...

would it work, or is it the worst idea you've ever heard in your life???
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I'd have to say it would work fine. Or on a grill on low, or whatever. One note: I have a bit of well seasoned hickory...among some other types...and they ALL smoke white at first. Let it cook <flame> a bit off to the side... us stickburners use what's almost coals, burning the wood off first.

Again...why is it accepted practice to unseason wood by soaking it? I do not understand.
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[quote=panhead;90090]has anyone tried to make their own lump charcoal.......

Yeah, in years past but not in that quantity to be sure, many folks in the pyrotechnical hobby have experimented with using different kinds of wood to make charcoal for firework effects.

The standard small scale production method is to use one of those big metal tins that those Danish Christmas cookies come in. You know the big blue ones filled with dry crumbly crappy shortbread cookies that end up in everyones office during the holidays?
Basically you just fill it with the wood you want, poke a 3/8 hole in the lid for the gas to escape and set it in a campfire. Some folks put it in a washtub filled with Kingsford too, but that seems sort of counterproductive for BBQ.

Amazingly the different types of charcoal create some very different effects in fireworks.
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Jim.........the container you are talking the size the popcorn comes in at christmas time?

bout 12 inches tall with a 10 inch dia.?

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I think I'll just buy the stuff.......
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