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Questions about smoking

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I am new to this site and have some questions about type of smokers I need to do what I a going to smoke. First I am thinking of buying a GOSM just because it sounds like it would be easy to use, problem is I would also like to smoke a lot of steelhead and salmon. I am also thinking of smoking cheese for Xmas gift. Would a GOSM and a little chief be the way to go for the smoking I would like to do?
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Welcome aboard olgrizz, glad you stopped by!

First, get on over to Roll Call so we can all greet you properly! icon_mrgreen.gif

Second, the GOSM is a very popular smoker around here... I am a charcoal/wood guy myself, but someone will be along shortly to help you out...

Good luck!
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I have a a BBQ GrillWare vertical which is almost like the GOSM, I primarily use it for quick things like chicken breasts and such. For longer smokes I use a Chargriller Super Pro with the SFB, it has a lot of capacity, which I think you would need for the steelhead. I smoke mullet in it and enjoy cooking with wood. But they tend to need some tweeking during the smoke.
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And for cheese...well, any cheese I have done, you need to cold-smoke. I don't think you can mod either of the units mentioned for that...
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Just get a rough idea how long and wide your filets are and how many you want to smoke at once and do you want to put any thing else with them, that
should give you the size you need. The GOSM comes in three widths. If you buy to small first your just going to spend more money in a few months to get what you need
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Hi OlGrizz -

No need to mod a GOSM for a cold smoke. I have a Camp Chef Smoke Vault a similar type unit and I just throw a few hot coals on the wood tray and a chunk of wood when I cold smoke - no propane and it works great! In the photo I'm smoking salmon for Lox for our Monday morining bagels at work. I use the same method for bacon and cheese.

Go for the bigger unit! You wish you had if you don't.
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What mom said!
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Another consideration would be chunking the fish if the bigger size smoker is an issue.I chunk and fillet out the pinbones before I brine and then smoke em that way.It sure is easier to handle that way and I smoke a lot of salmon and trout.I would guess in a year I smoke at least 200# of salmon.
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If you'relooking at the GOSM, do your self a favor and spend the extra couple of bucks and get the wide one. I have the smaller one and after my first smoke I've been trying to figure a way to tell my wife I want to get the wider one. The smaller one is taller, but I think you would be able to fit more meat in the other one. From what I heard you won't have to cut ribs in half to make them fit. Just my opinion.
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