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Picture help

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I am really frustrated that I am not able to post pics for everyone. Even on my lowest mega pixel setting (1.1) my files are 336KB. I was told in one post that 97.7KB was the highest allowed.

I don's seem to have an option to resize the files with my Easyshare software. Any ideas for me? eek.gif
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i use microsoft office's photo editor to resize my pics. with my camera on the lowest setting, my pics are just over 100kb in size. i open them with photo editor, and use the re-size tool there to take them down. click on image-> resize. i use the drop box, and go to 99% size. close the pic, and save.
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Billbo to make things easy just go to photobucket.com
set up an account (free)
Take pics any mega pix you want and then upload to the site. The site will
resize the pic for you.... Its that easy..
Now the pic is on photobucket.. you can copy the last image code under the pic up want to post on this sight..
In the message paste the image code from PB and thats it...
When you open your post the pic will be there... The image code links the picture from PB to this sight.
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Thank you Seaham! I am all set now. Make sure you check back later for some pics of today's Q! Ribs and chicken will be done about 5 EST!
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Oh, and thank you too Chris. I looked around and did not have any options on my PC to resize. Everyone here is very helpful!
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Well I believe you have several choice. Best for here will be the 640 x 480 range but try a few test to make sure. Your more than likely DSL but us poor country boys that live in the sticks are still on dial-up. PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif Because of this it is best to downsize your images some, via an Image Editor so that the uploads to Photobucket don't take so long. The larger Mega pixel cameras can take some time to upload. Go to Google and type in Image Editor or Image Resizer. Hope this helps.
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Flash thats a great point.. I am on Cable modem so size does not matter..
Dial up you would want to resize.
This is a good program to resize pics

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