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I am looking at getting one. I have never used one but by reading on here I can see I should be.

I am looking at a Maverick Redi Chek ET-73 remote. It takes temp of meat and the smoking chamber. Anybody have experience with this or others I should consider.

I do want one with meat & chamber readings.
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Lots of folks here have that unit. It is a good idea to know both the temp of the smoking unit and the meat being smoked. It's a good piece of equipment to have.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I own the ET-73 and two single probe Acu-Rite digitals. All of them are wunnerful! For your first digital, I would highly recommend the ET-73.

Good luck!
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I have the maverick and love it. I can't however get the remote to read to the 100 foot distance advertised, but it does read well at 20 feet.
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On the top menu, click "Forums". Scroll way down and you will find an entire thread dedicated to Thermometers. Lots of good information here.

Ask more questions if you need to.

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I'm another happy Maverick ET 73 owner.
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I have the ET 73 and really enjoy it. It's very accurate (using the old boiling water test) and with the remote feature, I don't have to keep going out to the patio to check the temp of the meat or the pit..... I can just read the remote sitting on the kitchen table.
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