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Snp Sfb ?

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I got to looking at my smoker the other day after my 1st smoke and noticed a couple of things about my SFB in the pictures Below it shows a gap around the door and a considerable amount around the lid,

I'm thinking of putting Stove gasket around the lid opening to seal up that gap,

But what about the Fire box door should I leave the Gap or make a plate to go around the door or make it seal better??

With Charcoal if the SFB is tight enough shouldn't you be able to choke out the fire?? Because with mine I don't see much change in the fire no matter where my draft is...
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I would seal all the gaps. When sealed, you will have more control of the fire.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I tried stove gasket on the cook chamber of my Chargriller. Worked great for a couple of cooks and then fell off. Never tried to replace it yet.
As for the fire box .I usually have the clean out drawer open a crack to allow more air to the fire. A smaller clean burning fire will give you clean smoke and plenty of heat for low and slow.
I also think you should be able to smother your fire but Im afraid that quality of cooker is probably out of my price range for now.
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