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Hey...WHAT cut should I buy to SMOKE SOME BACON? Just look/ask for pork belly?

I have a Quote on my bulletin board at work....

that holds true for a lot of things.... ;-)
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If you are looking to make regular sliced bacon ask for a pork belly.
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much obliged...

That was quick DJD...thanks a bunch. SMOKE IT UP!!!
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I can even remember anymore everything on my website!

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Some of us here make bacon called "Buckboard Bacon", it's made from a pork butt. Do a Forum Search on "Buckboard Bacon" there is a number of threads on it.
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Let me know if you find any pork bellies. I honestly don't think they know what they are here up this way. I have a heck of a time finding just a plan ole brisket. Only Sams carry butts and I never seem to be there on the right day to get a couple.
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I found a few chinese grocery stores that sell little ones up here like 2 lb pork bellies but I have to order it up here. Did find a Porkbelly rib last time that I cut the rib out of that worked good too - but I think it's because we have so many chinese here now - due to Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun.

Buckboard bacon is a good alternative and butts are easy to find. It's almost like slided bacon sort of.
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