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Pork Loin Help Needed

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I am wanting to try and smoke a pork loin for the family. I am fairly new to the smoking world and would appreciate any assistance from the vast knowledge, I have experienced from the members. I will try and take pictures of the process and do a follow-up as to whether or not they are willing to let me cook more often.
Thanks in advance.
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I do pork loin at a cabinet temp of 225 to an internal temp of 150. I rub it with mustard and a dry rub, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate the night before. I usually lay bacon slices across the top of the loin so that it doesn't dry out.
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Safty1, Check out the Pork Forum-there are a number of Pork Loin recipes that have been posted.
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I wrapped the loin in thick slice bacon after the dry rub and it came out Great.. I think the thick sliced bacon lasts longer then regular and does not dry our before the smoke is done.. JMO
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