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We got our garden out late this year but its hopping now.This is just the first of many canning days.
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I would love to do that, but were do you store all the jars now? confused.gif
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Nice! I bet those are nice during the winter.
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Yummmmmmmmmm Love stewed tomatoes! They look pretty. Good job David. We are just getting them in good and the plants are dying already. Weird season and way to short.
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Vlap,they sure good in the winter for chili.When people ask me why I can all this stuff I tell them it taste better than snowballs in the winter.
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Your canning and I'm dehydrating. Haven't learned the canning yet.
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Canning is easy Cajun and jars are on sale right about now too.
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Good job Debi .. Since my garden season is almost over, I'll persue this next year. Thanks
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Nice looking tomatoes. What varieties do you grow?

Canned some tomatoes last week, well, the wife did the canning on a couple days I was away. 2 dz qts presently and will posibly do some more or make tomato juice. Had LOTS of tomatoes but the Roma's we normally can hasn't done so well this yr, small and lots of blosom end rot.
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