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The parents birthday dinner...

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Well I started the day early getting groceries and charcoal. Then packed up my car with so much stuff it felt like I was moving. Off to the parents house I went ready to spend the day cooking.
The night before I had started beans in the crock pot and let them simmer all night long. Nothing like the smell of real maple simmering with a big chunk of salt pork and stock. A pork butt was also rubbed down with my rub and a little creole seasoning.

I arrived at the parents and unloaded. Soon the charcoal was smoking and everything else set up and ready. Into the smoker the pork butt went and I sat back to relax with a cold frosty and watch thin blue smoke slowly billow out of the smoker. A very pretty site.

After some time when I had to add some more charcoal I snapped a picture of the pork.

In the afternoon once the bucs game started I put together some abt's. These were the only things good about that game.

After demolishing the abt's, I threw a sausage in the smoker as well. The pork got up to temp but not high enough for pulling. Unfortunately I had a hungry crowd. It came out very tender and sliced nicely. A dousing of finishing sauce and it was time to eat.

A bun, a few pickles, some sliced pork, a shot of Jeff's bbq sauce and a helping of some incredible beans and it was time to eat.

Finished it all off with some fresh sliced watermelon. A good day with the family, some good football, and a good dinner.
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Yum! Drooling on laptop! (shorting out soon!)

Thanks for sharing!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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From Bradenton Fla your avatar must be snook. Any way When are comming to Tenn. Just bring the food we will find a smoker somewhere......
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Vlap, that looks mighty good! Thanks for sharing your day.
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Its actually a black tip shark caught while wading and fishing for snook.

But yes being from this area we do alot of snook fishing.

Thanks for the comments everyone...
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Glad things came together for you. It is always nice when that happens. Thanks for sharing.
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Looks & sound like the day was a winnerPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That was very sweet of you to drag all that stuff to your folks house to make a special meal and it all looked wonderful - I could almost smell those beans! Yummmmmmmmm PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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It is nice to be able to do so. They live close so I do get to spend a good amount of time with them. Since I left the culinary world I actually have the free time to do so. Cooking for friends and family again has restored my love of cooking.
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Every thing about that post was perfect..except for the Bucs.

Great BBQ, love that you can enjoy it with your family, but the KC CHIEF'S would have made it all better.

Kidding ...we lost...icon_neutral.gif
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nice work. my parents just moved back to town, so now we can go there more often.
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Vlap, nicely done! Enjoy your time with the folks, you're lucky they live so close...

Take care!
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food looked great do you ever fish over at beer can island
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