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Hats off to SmokyOkie

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I jumped on the bandwagon and tried the SmokyOkie searing method. My searing left a little to be desired. All I had to do it on was my gas grill, but it got the job done. Now I have an excuse for a second Char Griller. Let me tell you what, this thing is delicious. I had to cut it in 1/2" slices and it was still falling apart. I didn't even use a thermometer this time. I stuck a probe though the flat and it was a little resistant in the middle, so I let it go another 2 hours until it slid in like "buddah".

I was getting worried. I had trouble keeping the temps down. I guess this bag of charcoal was turbo charged or something. I poured in a chimney full of unlit charcoal in my basket, then lit about 15 briquettes as usual. I've been getting a nice slow steady burn like this, but not today. Within 15 minutes I had a roaring fire. I had to shovel an etire chimney full out just to get the temp back within reason. I couldn't have more than 10 - 15 briquettes at a time in the SFB and keep it under 260*. And this was with the fire box damper shut off. Freakin' Kingsford. I wish somewhere around here sold something else besides this and Match Light. I guess I'm gonna have to break down and order a pallet of lump from somewhere.

Sorry, no Qview.
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Wes, did you give it the black pepper treatment too? Doesn't that brisket give off an awesome odor while searing it? Rilly Wunnerful stuff!! Glad it turned out for you.

Keep Smokin
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I just used my regular rub, which is heavy on sugar, so I was worried it burn and be bitter. The smell of that carmelizing was amazing. It turned out fantabulous. I'll probably try the pepper on the next one, along with a little more mesquite. And there will be a next one. I think I'm hooked.
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Mötley Cüe don't you have a issue with the match light giving your meat a strange taste.?
I used it a while back and when I tossed in unlit pieces they would give off that lighter fluid smell. And that smell penetrated the meat and it all had to be tossed out.
It was one of my first smokes of venison pepperoni I had ever made.. I was POed.
I'll never use Match light again.
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I would never use Match Light. I was just saying that regular Kingsford and Matchlight are all that is sold is this town.
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my bad read that wrong.
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When you do the next one rub it the night before, then the next day just before searing cover (heavy) all sides with black pepper. You just thought what you smelled on this one was fantabulous... just wait wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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