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My new sausage stuffer !!!

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For the last 6 years I have been using a 4 quart Enterprise sausage stuffer with a wiper ring and have found it a pain to reload doing 25 lb. batches of sausage. My wife and I have been wanting to afford a 15 lb. stuffer but seem to always find other things we need/want to purchase. A few weeks ago on eBay we picked up a pre-owned 25 lb. Sausage Maker stuffer for well under $200 with shipping (retail is $925 plus shipping). Now when we stuff our batches there will be no more reloading. Now we are really looking forward to deer season !!!
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Niiiccee... hey, you mentioned a 'wiper ring" for the Enterprise...wazz dat? I have an 8 q'er. I have been placing saran wrap in a ring around the piston. The make a ring for this?
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Yes they do - works GREAT!!! You will have little to no sausage come up the inside. We bought ours off of ebay. My husband is not around and I dont know how to post pics. I will go take a pic of ours and as soon as he gets home I will have him post one for you.

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lol she put that "mossy" one down..... the stuffer is now... lol tatonka. we were just discussing what ,when,where, & how to kill something wild lately... me(the hubby & daddy) don't count.... really ready to take some game... ding fer some wild meat... and not just me... icon_eek.gif
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Congrats on the upgrade, and what a sweet deal! Some guys have all the luck...and some guys deserve it, like yourself.
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Here is a pic of the wiper ring we had for our 4 quart Enterprise -

There is one ring that will work for a 4 or a 6 quart, and then another that works for a 8 quart. just make sure you order the right size.
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Right-y o! Now where didja get it?
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Really nice, I have the 5 pound stuffer from the Sausage maker but really need to get a larger one seems like all I do is feed the stuffer
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Nice find you got there Mossy!
Hope gives you years of pleasant sausage stuffing.
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The wiper ring was an eBay find also. You may have to watch for a while, because I notice right now I can not find any on eBay.....
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Boy thats a dandy Mossy. I have an old kitchen center that has mixer, blender, meat grinder, etc, all in one. I cobbled up a spout on the end of the meat grinder so I can make sausage (sort of) and it works for the one time a year that I make anything out of last years deer. But it wears me out to cram the meat through it. I think I will look around for a small machine too. What would you recommend for me to get? Also, where do you get the casings? So far, I have just made skinless sausage. Terry
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WOW that's a nice sausage stuffer guys! Where were you last night when I had to refill my 5 lber 4 times? That thing looks like it's pick up a car!

WooHoo! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Terry, look around this site http://www.butcher-packer.com/
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Terry ..
Here are a couple more links for ya...
Have used this one before...great quick service..
Haven't tried this one yet..
And another one..

Hope this helps ya...
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Tanks, Mossy. Now that I see it... Hmmm what was it made of? A poly carb plastic? I could probably mold one from Silicone...Hmmm...
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It is the type of "plastic" that is used in those white cutting boards that seem to be quite popular. Sorry, but that is the best way I can think of to describe it.....
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Thanks guys, I will check those sites out. I appreciate your efforts . PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Terry
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Be poly then... Wheee...another PROJECT! I have a slab o that stuff right in my garage!
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Great buy...
I got a nice grinder last year and wanted a meat mixer and stuffer also.. I can't believe how much a simple meat mixer is in Gander Mnt. And forget about a stuffer.. Looks like I'll be mixing by hand and using the grinder as a stuffer for a while longer.
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i have to agree with djdeb..........it looks like its a jack for the tractor part of a tractor/trailer rig.........
speaking of rigs

nice one

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