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Just joined and now I need help. I've got a gas weber and the old kettle style and want to smoke up a bunch of pork loins for a office function happening next week. I'd like to smoke them up using apple wood and then shred them for sandwiches. Any recommendations/advise would be greatly appreciated. PS> My one question is do I cook them for just a couple of hours, or can I cook them until they basically fall apart, or is that even doable with something other then a pork shoulder or boston butt type piece of meat. Thanks folks.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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In my opinion you'd be better off using a butt or shoulder for pulling(shredding).
And you'd end up with a more moist and tastier product.
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I 2nd that..
A loin could be sliced and used that way. Never heard of pulled loins? waiting to see if there is such a thing. One of the senior members may know.
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Loins are fairly lean. They are great sliced. For pulled pork, I think your best bet would be pork shoulder (butt).

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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if i have any hunk a hide... i smoke it fer a bit, maybe wrap it & 225-250 in the oven(ya said kettle...)if yer worried & don't have a really reliable smoker...let it be wrapped & slow simmered after a couple hours in smoke... i been here a while & been cooking professionally fer over 20 years... that means i have screwed up quite a few meals....the best advice is don't rush it. i have a feeling you'll do well...
i reread yer initial post... a loin... i'd sear,wrap & simmer...hot & fast sear then really low & short & sweeet fer the smoke.... loins don't do low & slow well... steam after an hour smoke works well.
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Pork shoulders or butts would work out better with your needs here, and it will take more then just a few hrs to smoke but when your done it will be fall "fall apart" tender.
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I agree, shoulder and butts are better for what you want to do (I assume pulled/shredded sandwich type?), loins are fairly lean and are gonna be better sliced.
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