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Chuck Roast

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Decided to do a chuck roast today. Never done one before so I fiqure to treat kinda like a brisket.

Pic one is of the set up. Just put the roast on. Will show another pic in 2 hrs at the flip. Exciting isn't it.....PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif

Not using the BDS due to the small smoke (3.5 roast). Good view of the TBS. One chunk of hickory.
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Thought you were comin for RIBSicon_lol.gif

How do you get the picks to post on the forum that wayconfused.gif
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Chuck's are a favorite of mine. I will be doing one tomorrow. I have also had success taking them to a higher internal temp and pulling them for sammies. Either way, very good eats! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Gonna take it to 195* and pull it for sammies tomorrow.
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I agree with WVSmokeMan, a higher temp (190-200) will allow you to pull very easily if that is your goal. I've made Dutch's Smoked Beef Enchiladas with pulled chuck roast. (The recipe can be found as a sticky in the beef forum)


It depends where your pics are hosted. Check out this thread where several folks helped Walking Dude get his pic posts figured out. I hope it helps.


Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Look's good Geoff, treat it like a butt and pull, you will be very happy with the finished product!!wink.gif
P.S. love seeing a kettle used as a smoker!
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Two hrs into the smoke. Temp at 140* and just flipped. Now, to foil or not? Any suggestions?

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Licking screen nowPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Personally I almost never foil.icon_rolleyes.gif butt that's just me.
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If you're going to 195, I would foil at 170!

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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That's just it. I always foil my butts and briskets. Thinking of trying this one with no foil. How will it turnout not being foiled?

Something that makes you go HHUUUUMMMMMM.....
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All I see is a Red X confused.gif
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Hit the platue (spelling ?). Foiled and went into the ice chest at 195*. in for teh last 45 min. Keep it there for another ....till I want to pull it! Promise to take Q-views!
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Wonder what the deal is. Other posters commented on your picture. As you can see above in the Quote, the picture didn't make it through, for me????

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Both the quote & the original and the quote made it through for meconfused.gif
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Ok....chuck (believe me..taste, texture, and moisture alot better that pic shows) was in foil while I grilled a couple of steaks for the mrs and I. After eating, went to chest, unwrapped, and pulled. Taste a whole lot better than pic shows!!! Will Be doing chucks more! Cant wait for sammies tomorrow! And no...it is not all burnt! But the stuff that is....oh so beautimus! TJ's rub of course......

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looks good to me thanks for the Q-viewPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

After my Ribs I"ll have to wait til tomorrow to be hungry thoughicon_razz.gif
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That do look awesome!! I could almost smell it.
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lol crew.. beautimus.... we know it's good. - man i love that term & the meat. thought i was to only 1 that used that saying.... bet that goes well sideways w/ a cold oink(one- my brother's slang)and slaw....
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Chuck roast or arm roast just the same, from your pic i cook these all the time in my smoker, i pull them at 150 deg Med well and there fantistic, angis beef is more tender then the iowa beef but both have the same flavor and both are good.
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Have never done a chuck before but you inspired me to do just that.

Thanks fo rthe photos
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