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buckboard bacon smoked with plum

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hello everyone

today i smoked 8 pounds of buckboard bacon using plum for smoking i have been trying plum on several different things and have been happy with it so far the only thing i don't like is it takes longer to start smoking but the flavor is nice and mild

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Hey Huey, you smoked something other than salmon? Dang, I'm afraid that now you have cross contamination in your smoker. Not to worry, Skip says he will dispose of it for you, (the buck board and smoker) icon_razz.gif looks good, Thats my next project. Terry
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ya fergot that the color is exquisite. my slicer is available for a 20% gratuity.... icon_lol.gif
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Wow that's looks so good!

Great job!
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That oughta hold you for a while!
I had a lot of wild plum around when we lived up in Minisoda. Never tried smoking with it though.
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Great lookin bacon. Have never tried plum. Was the plum store bought? Don't think I've seen any in my area. Enjoy the bacon.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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no the plum was a tree that blew down last winter so its been seasoning all summer i cut it up and started using it in the smoker so far i have smoked some country style ribs which were good and now the bacon so far i like it
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Yum! I gotta try the bacon thing...Looks great!
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Thanks ... I'll hunt around and see what I can find.
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