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Thank you.
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i love the jokes. i print out almost all of them, let my wife read them, and take them to work to share with the guys on my crew. we (the wife and i) happen to love comedy- jokes, movies, stand-up comics, etc.
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jeezus h. christ can't y'all get past the post count ??? - i made the 1st post that started all this junk & it was simply stating how cool this site was... ( yeah was) it's turned into a ball of worms since then..... me & i guess my big freakin' mouth runied this site... no i didn't- you people that won't let a sleeping dog die are ruining it... drop it now & get back to food,friendship, & fun.... can y'all just shut up about it now or should i go back & post yer 1st few newbie posts & yer original name to humble you ..... this site is supposed to be the best & friendliest... but tracing the roots... some have got too big for the britches......since meeting in person .... dutch,monty,or jeff,- close this out before this site becomes like any other.
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Nothing directed at you. "Humble" me all you can! Post what you will, nothing stopping you.
I'm saying anyone who reads the various posts here can easily see who smokes, and who blows smoke. There are some posting here who have never posted anything about smoking. I am a smoker.
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no offense to you mike....i'll let my pics speak for themselves.it's just getting a bit silly lately & i thought we were over this.... we're the best for a reason....nuff said.btw- ya post awesome cooks & know yer stuff and yer always willing to help ANYONE... ain't that what we're all about ????
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Well, that is what I thought. I'm here for the smoke.
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i'm here for the camaraderie & convo... i can cook alone & as a paid cook... usually do... lol not many volunteer fer the heat or dishes....icon_eek.gif
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Hello ?

Where am I?

This doesn't sound like The Forum I took such great pride in anymore. What in heavens name is going on here? Why is everyone so uptight about nothing?

If you have an issue with someone PM them and leave the hostility out of the forum. This type of thing is what ruins a good forum and I for one have a heavy heart about all this ridiculas nonsence!

I may be wrong but I seriously doubt anyone cares about how many posts they have. The whole notion is childish.
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Sure be a whole lot better if we could let this thread go and not post on it anymore. That way Jeff would not have to lock this one. Two in just a couple days is not good.

Personally, I won't be visiting this thread any more. If you all do the same, we can get back to more important things.
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WHO'S THE JOKER WHO STARTED THIS MESS?! PDT_Armataz_01_19.gifwink.gif

"All I am saayyying, is give peace a chance" NOW! PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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O.K. I started this ****, i might as well finish it..........
I was having a bad morning yesterday and signed on to my favorite forum for a lil breather and .........let's say my comments were outta line, i vented on the place i love most and obviously rustled some feather's, i would like to apologize to any i offended, as usual, i spoke before i thoughtPDT_Armataz_01_15.gif I'm a big boy and if i don't wanna read jokes, i can skip over them.
Again, i am very sorry, and would like to put this thread to sleep! Now who want's to see pic's of my new smoker???PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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I want to see those pictures!! And may I say, I admire you PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifsmile.gif Terry
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Sorry you had a bad day hon. We still love ya Bubba!
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You got pictures?? wink.gifwink.gif
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shooooot... bubba's got skillz. Alrighty then ... let's see them pics
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He's gotta go buy'em first.....PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Would that be at Monster Skillz Inc or Skillz 'R Us? I need some new ones myself
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You posted this at9:58, where are the pics
with the Q-view ?PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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As the theme of "Jeopardy" plays..................................
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