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Florida Smoke Out

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Ok, we started talking on another thread about a florida get together. Seems we have a growing # of floridians here so a good idea it might be.

First we have to get an idea of who might want to attend. Then decide a location and date.

Do we hit a campground for a weekend? Start cooking sat and feast on sunday?

I have not organized such an event before so any and all input would be appreciated. Maybe we can make this happen PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm in! A campground for a weekend sounds nice so long as there are facilities. I'm a tent camper. Since it's the middle of Sept, perhaps mid to late October for a date, the weather will have cooled down a bit by then.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Oh, and it's open to all who wish to come, the more the merrier!
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There is always the Brooksville contest October 19th and 20th. If everyone is going to cook, just make it 4 meats and maybe win some $$.
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Definately open to any and all... I was thinking late sept into nov. even

There are nice campgrounds at E.G. simmons park on the east side of tampa bay and there is always ft. desoto. Siummons might be very nice with premade fire pits and wide open camp sites. Some sites have electricity and there are bathrooms and showers.

It seems central as well with people from north and south florida. If we have visitors from far away its not a long hike from the airport. (tampa)
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I am game even if it is at someone's house for a night.

Croom has a nice camp ground, or even Ocala National forest has some nice camp grounds. I know of a huge camp ground in ONF that is very nice and can except tents or RVs. It has a pool and facilities.
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Oh sure late Oct early Nov would be great. Simmons is good and on the water. Only thing is we'll have to reserve them, but that shouldn't be hard.
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Sweet, or Citrus in Inverness.

So, let's see who is interested and where they are, then move on it.

I might be able to convince my wife to let us do it at our house. Have a nice big backyard with a pool.
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Anywhere is fine. My only thought is try and keep it centrally located so to maximize the amount of people able to come...
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I agree, I live in Brandon off of Bloomingdale about 5 miles from the interstate.
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bump cool.gif
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Ah... so your place is centrally located. We will all camp in your backyard and dig fire pits there ;)

Yeah this is a bump as well....

As noted earlier anyone and everyone is welcome. Doesnt just have to be floridians.
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That does sound like fun although i will be in the mountains of North Carolina and North Georgia from Oct 21st thru Nov 1st. Fall foliage time.
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Well there is the weekend before and the weekend after... I cant do it the weekend before thanksgiving since I will be in homestead for the final nascar race.
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'ello??? anybody out there???
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If the amount of people is small we could definately do a backyard deal. Anyone else in?

Right now I have:
Vlap (Bradenton)
Flagriller (Brandon)
Flash (Cedar Key)
Bullmastiff (Palmetto)
Fatback Joe (Land o Lakes)
Crawdaddy (East Coast)
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I will make every effort to attend, just let me know when a hard date is nailed down, my weekends are usually kind of screwy, the best bet for me to make it is give me a date and I will plan the other chaos around it. LOL The location is not a big deal for me.
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Sounds good FBJ! Right now I am trying to find what interest there is. A day of smoking and eating sounds good to me where ever we do it. Anyone else in?
From here we need to get an idea of dates. Should we try and make it a month ahead of time to allow people to plan? We could look at a mid oct date?

If anyone has planned a get together like this and has some advice please let me know.
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If it works out I'm up for it. Gonna be tough for us 'cause of so much going on these next two months but we'll see.....put me in for a (if the time is good) vote.
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If you have dates that are good post em and we will see what we can do.
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Let's get some city locations for each. Sorry about not posting over the weekend, I got side tracked.
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