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Lang Question

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I am new to the site and have a few quick questions. It is late and I will post more about me tomorrow. I just finished building a smoker. while I was doing my seasoning and my fist cook I noticed that I have just about slid all the tuning plates toward the firebox to even out temps. Know it is pretty much a reverse flow with the exception of the exhaust location. I am now thinking of moving it to the firebox side and let it be a reverse flow since I am getting even temps this way. I was wondering if anyone had pictures inside a Lang with the grates removed to see the inner working? Also does the exhaust hang down inside at all or is it flush with the top of the cooking camber? any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Here are a few pics of the smoker I built.

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1 very nice pit- there's a few lang owners here & they will be along quickfast but have ya checked the lang site too ??
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The info in This Post may be of help to you!...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Until later...
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gypsyseagod, I did check out the lang site with no luck on some internal pics.

ColeySmokinBBQ,Thanks for the link. Thats good info on how a reverse flow works. I still would like to see some internal pics though for construction purposes if anyone has any or doesn't mind taking a few.
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check out bbqbud or tonto in profiles- they have pics.
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looking @ that pit-for me(and just me)i'd add a water pan & double door the hood w/ both top & bottom racks split roller style plus (which never see) atemp gauge @ the base of the stack to see how much heat yer losing(learned that from raw water cooled boat exausts)i didmention a great pit it was right ?
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I have been watching all of your updates on the smoke ring forum. That thing looks great. Good luck on getting the temps fixed.
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Thanks man I appreciate it. I pretty much have got them even I am know trying to see if I can make it more efficient. I joined the smoke ring a couple months ago when I actually just started smoking for the first time. I cannot seem to find any pics of the inside of a Lang so I now have made it my mission.
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i am a member of the smoke ring too & i looked @ lang- but since it's a clone.....ask bbq bud & tonto.... i thught i did have a couple good ideas,,,,,,i've seen a lot of builders w/ basically the same ideas...
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Awsome smoker build New-2 Q! Looks like it'll give to many years of good Q!
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