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Dang Bob, I hate to show my ignorance, But as Bubba J says " I'm glad y'all are laughin, I still don't get it" , a fridge is a fridge, a reefer is the cooling unit on a tractor trailer. Please "splain" this one to me. icon_confused.gif Terry
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reefer=another slang term for a marijuana joint.
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whas that ????/ never heard of
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Hey, I'm impressed!! As a welder/ fabricator /mechanic, thats a great job you did. definitelt post some pics of your smokes!!
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You did a wonderful job on your fridge conversion FryBob!
Very impressive indeed! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice job there fry, whats the temp ranges so far? (i didnt read all the post) so i might be lacking in some info here but can you do some cold smokes as well as hot ones? 150-275 deg? or do you even know the temp ranges as of yet being so new?
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Very nice job that is one of the best conversions I have seen in awhile. Nice work
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Thanks for your comments on my converson. Yes, I can cold smoke with it also. The lowes I've had it just dinking around with it is 150 degrees. I've had it up to 300 on the first day just to see how high it would go. I started a brisket last night at 6:00pm and at 11:00 it was sitting pretty at 224 degrees. I must have fallen asleep around 11:30 in my recliner because I woke up around 3:30 and went and checked on the smoker and it was at 226 degrees. At about 5:00am I put on a butt and a slab of spare ribs and it pretty much held steady between 224 and 227 the rest of the day. I'm loving this thing. The flame is very small compaired to them offset smoker with the after burner in it. You can bearly hear the flame. The offset smoker afterburner you can defenatly hear the flame rumble.

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Brisket, ribs and Butt! We need pics!
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Hi Frybob,

I am new to this site as of a couple of days ago.

I found it by accident and have fallen in love with it.

Everybody seems to have a wealth of knowledge and know how.

I am getting ready to do an old fridg rebuild myself and yours really caught my eye.

You did a great job on it.

If I could pick your brain on a couple of things ,that would be great.

I am going to go with the same heating element.

Do you have any vents in the side of your fridg to help with air flow to the burner.

What size did you cut the hole going into the smoke box itself.

And do you use a water box for any moisture.

 Again you did a great job.

Any help would be appreciated.



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uummm Tim.. you might wanna look at the date on this thread.... not so sure they are around anymore...
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  I saw it and was hoping he was still around .

 It's worth a shot.

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Nice job.

What kind of gasket/glue did you use it. Where did you purchase that?


Thank you

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