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rib pics

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Ok, I know you guys are tired of me telling you that my teen-aged son is gone so I can't post pics. But tonight he is home (miracle of miracles) and I will have him put some pics on here.

Here is what I have learned and what I am doing different.

I rubbed with mustard and my rub first, using the 3-2-1 method, at the last hour I intend to coat with a blend of honey and apple sauce.

Pics will come soon. Hope to get some more hints from you folks, or any comments you feel like posting.
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Sounds good. I'll be waiting for the q-view!
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Have him show you how to use photobucket.com
its free and best of all easy.. you do not have to resize any pics, just upload and post pic..
lets see those ribs...
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Alright pictures from the ADB!
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Good luck with the smoke; looking forward to seeing the results.
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I hate to tell you all this, but we cannot figure out how to load pics.

photobucket, as someone suggested, is not letting me take a pic from my camera and put it where I want it.

Sorry. Any ideas?
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You'll need to save them to a folder first and then upload them to photobucket
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you can pm me & i'll offer help on adding here to smf or to photobucket- as thats what i know. or if you just need a good camera i may be able to help too- we got a good 1 for a low price... it do do video but vista can't do the format yet.
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