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a bike or car? ... i live outside of west monroe ... about a 10 min drive from calhoun or eros ..

Bike: 2000 Sprint ST. I've been through that area a time or two. We used to have a group that would ride out to Monroe for the Hooters wings. Rode to Natchitoches over Labor Day for the meat pies.
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Welcome Freddy, nice to have you with us.
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welcome to smf. glad to have ya w/ us.
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Hey Devil, I know your not in South Louisiana but how bought experimenting and try smoking some crawfish, I realize you would have to boil them live first but I wonder if they would take smoke after. I lived in Carencro just above Lafayette La for 2 years and I sure do miss the good boils we used to have
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hmmm might be worth a try ... not sure how crawfish would work ... less they are big enough ... will keep my eyes out for a place selling some good ones...

but i could picture some lobster working ...

(i am one of the crazy ones that has taken 8 to 10 lobsters and fixed them up like a crawfish boil ... hey less fighting with the tails and a lot more meat... just takes longer to get done) ...
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Welcome aboard Freddy, glad you joined us!
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what a good time I had at the Mardi Gras glad you found this forum post pictures and ask question the people here have the answers
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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it can be fun for sure ... i have enjoyed it in new orleans .... in west monroe ... and over in mississippi .. =)
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Welcome Freddy -
There's pretty to keep you busy here for a lifetime! Enjoy!
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Welcome Freddy,

I see you are in the W Monroe area. I live on the east side of Monroe so shoot me a PM and maybe we can get together and cook something and toss back a few cold onesbiggrin.gif
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sounds good to me ... already got some goin right now on my tiny grill...
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