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Silver Lake state championship! - Page 3

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John, just wanted to officially congratulate you for your placing in wings and ribs. Again, it was great to meet you, Karen and your daughter.
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Congrats John! You did good!

Crewdawg hope the wife Mom is doing better she's in my prayers.

You know I always thought BBQ was a Southern thang but after hanging out here for almost a year I'm thinking it's more of a Midwest or Michigan thing.
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I promised some q-view of my Silver Lake backyard comp.

I forgot the q-view of the turn in box of wings so I took 1 of the leftover.

The turn in box of ribs.

My other pics look pretty bad (lousy photography) so I'll leave them off.

I was short on time so I thought the ribs were not tender enough to suit me. I usually run 6 to 8 hours @ 200*. I only had 5 hours after the cooks meeting & got the CG fired up & up to temp. I ran about 215* to make up for less time but still not hot enough. After judging the KCBS comp. I have a lot to learnPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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