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my labor day weekend smoke

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here is what all i smoked yesterday, for labor day. i had a 11.89lb brisket, a rack of spareribs (3.74lbs), 34 jalapenos, and 4 hatch new mexico peppers. i stuffed the japs with a slice of pepperoni and colbyjack and the hatch peppers with mild cheddar. i used jeff's rub on the brisket and the ribs. i smoked the ribs for 6 hours, and the brisket took 12 hours to hit 195°. jenn made deviled eggs and a strawberry shortcake. here is the Qview, it is in my album on here. oh yeah, i used pecan and mesquite for flavor. i made a double batch of jeff's sauce and served it, along with some of the brisket juice, warm. everyone liked jeff's sauce. i was the only one that used any brisket juice.
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Ooooooooooooo yummy! Looks great! Super ABTs
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looks real good..
Is the pulled meat the brisket?
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yep the pulled is the point of the brisket. i always do packers, and i slice the flat and pull the point.

thanks debi. the hatch peppers were very tasty. no heat at all. i made a slit and crammed slices of cheddar in them. smoked them with the ABTs. next time i will get more then 4; they are $0.99/lb here. i just got 4 to try them out.
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No heat eh? they are a sweet pepper then?
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to me they tasted kind of like a poblano pepper. "kind of" is the key words. similar, not really sweet, but still tasty. i will be making them again. next time i will wrap them with bacon also.

we had a friend over for supper, along with his wife and teenage daughter. he doesn't really care for brisket, but he ate some and liked it. his wife loved jeff's sauce. she tore up some ribs, and ABTs too.
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It all looks delicious, and boy do I want some deviled eggs now !!!
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That looked great. My Holiday BBQ was a disaster. It never happened. It was just too hot outside. It was 109, with 40% humidity. Ain't no way I'm going to BBQ in that heat!.

So, it was canceled. I didn't make my fatties, or the smoked chorizo burgers and hot dogs we planned on having. We ended up pan frying the burgers and since it was too hot to eat anyway, we never made the fatties or hot dogs.

It's hard to have an appetite when the weather is so miserable hot!

At least you got the chance to smoke a fine meal and enjoy it! Better luck next year, for us.
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Good eats Chris! I like the "au jus" with the brisket, tasty!
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Chris ,looks like you did good. That all looks good to me. Nice bark on that brisket. I am going to have to experiment with different peppers too. So far I have only had Japs. Got my mouth watering with all that good looking grub.
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Everything looks so good Chris. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the successes.
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The WalMart here has been selling some kind of big long peper that looks like a Jalapino shape but lighter green and a bit wrinkled (could just be old) and about 5 inches long. I've asked a few times what they were but noboby knows. I've been tempted to try them because they're cheaper than jalapinos .99/lb vs 1.99/lb this week.
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Anaheim chiles, perhaps?

What a minute! $1.99 a pound for jalapeños? Wow. The every day price here in SoCal is $.89 a pound, with sale prices at $.59 a pound.

Speaking of which, I just boiled up some jalapeño slices. Made two jars worth. I put them on almost everything I eat. Sandwiches with cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoes, meatloaf, pizza, burritos, etc.
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