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Sorry but that's not true - meat will continue to take on smoke as long as it is in smoke  thumb1.gif  Here is a good thread for you to read  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/139995/it-wont-take-no-more-smoke-after-4-hours-horse-hockey


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Thank you so much for the informative tutorial! This is what makes this site a must  for any experience level cook! 

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I pan my butts [in a good way] ; ' )

With the juice left behind in the pan, I lay a paper towel on top of the juices to absorb any fat (layer) floating on it and discard the towel.
I'll do this twice. Then I strain the juices.

After the pork is pulled I'll add the juices back into the pork a little at a time while gently tossing it to spread it over the meat as evenly as possible.

This keeps the meat moist even after I seperate it into several baggies for re-heats.
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Going to follow this.

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Well everyone has an opinion and that guy had his. I don't share it though. I don't believe it continues to take smoke I just think it gets acidic and dry after too long unwrapped and I like it better that way. He obviously does not and thats ok, we all come from different points of view though. I sort of object to the term "newby". I have been burning good meat for close to fifty years so I guess my opinion is as good as that guys but there is no law that says any of us must agree on those points. To each his own.

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well one man's truth is another man's head scratcher. Agree, disagree, no worries. 

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Hi all,


quick question do you think it will be alright to smoke a shoulder of pork for 6 hours then smoke it again for another 6 hours again after it might have cooled down a bit? Thinking abou smoking a shoulder overnight bu worries about sleeping and letting the smoker go out


ta in avance

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How big is this shoulder?

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Give it the Texas crunch and finish it in the oven after the initial smoke to get it

to its final IT of 200 degrees.

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it is 5kg which i think might mean 11lbs

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what is a texan crunch by the way?

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Wrapping in foil when it hit 170 IT
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Thank you Meowey.  Planning on smoking this Sunday for a block party.  You mentioned your directions are for shoulders ranging from 5-9lbs...I am assuming the directions stay the same within that range (planning on an 8lb shoulder).  I am using a wsm and am planning on using both racks for two shoulders...does that change anything?

Thank you,


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thank you for this imput. im doing my first butt for the forth, be honest a little scared. hope this comes out good

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rest assured that  a pork butt is probably the easiest of all BBQ .. smoke with confidence!

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You'll do fine, I used a lot of tips on here for my first one and continue to learn from here. I am doing ribs and a 10 lb shoulder for the 4th.
Post pics of the finished product.
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That looks like my Char Griller. Install baffle mods as per the thread and an exhaust extension out of small aluminum duct to the vent to bring the vent down to grill level. That will stabilize the temp in the chamber.then just regulate with air feed and exhaust dampers and you are set. I can hold mine to +- 5 degrees no problem and only have to add fuel every hour or so using lump charcoal. Happy grilling. 

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Thanks for the post Meowey. I tried this last weekend and everyone loved it. I followed your recipe closely with the only tweek being that I used 2 parts apple juice, 1 part rum, and 1 part apple cider vinegar for the spray. I'm glad you included the part about the plateau, it definitely happened to me around the 160 degree mark. I was able to just wait a bit and the temp started to go up again.


I meant to take pictures but I forgot. Anyways thanks again for the great recipe.

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Smokinrick ,  that's what I did years ago. Works great.

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Followed this today (starting yesterday) with a smaller cut but bone in. Cooking time was a lot less but with thermometer the process still worked to produced a great pulled pork. I never wrapped in tin foil before so I am thankful for the tip. It's an awesome guide for an awesome meal.
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