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And thank you, this is my first butt I have attempted
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Bump. I've got my 1st pork shoulder in the smoker now and I'm using this as a guide.
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I used these instructions. Very pleased. Also very surprised how long it took. I had some small roasts, still took 9 hours. Good stuff though. Thanks.

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You guys might be onto something. Sex with the wife on a smoker....Novel idea!

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Originally Posted by isfflcommish View Post

8.5 lb Pork Butt with rub and smoked for 12hrs using Pit Master Blend

8.5 lb Pork Butt pulled pork/ Smoked 12hrs using Pit Master Blend


Here is my 1st ever Pork Butt.  Just did it for the Super Bowl


8.5 lb Pork Butt

rubbed and sat 24hrs in fridge

smoked at 225

til hit IT of 165/ then foiled/used foiling juice

put back in smoker til IT of 190

was smoked with Pit Master blend AMNPS (thanks Todd)

my smoker is a MES 40 Old Generation (absolutely love it !!! )

smoke only ran 12 hrs/ was started at 10pm Saturday night

was for dinner at 630hrs Sunday (built in enough time for 16hr smoke and

allowed for plenty of time for my other items that I needed to smoke for Super Bowl Party

since it finished 8hrs before dinner/ wrapped it in towel, and a comforter, then placed it into a cooler

this kept it warm 8hrs later !!!!

this Butt was unbeleivably moist/tender and pulled apart easily. Bone pulled out clean, without any problem

Got nothing but RAVE REVIEWS !!!

Thanks to EVERYONE on SMF for all of your posts, I have learned a tremendous amount on here so far, and EVERYTHING has been a success that I've tried to make, because of all of you!!!!!

Very nice indeed. Albeit you do it again soon.....first.gif

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Will be helpful
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Thank you for your instruction. Plan on making this on my day off. The wife loves pulled pork, so this should make her happy.

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Thanks for all the info here. I tried to follow it as close as I could and the results almost 12 hrs later were fantastic! I could only get the butt up to 149 degrees after 6.5 hrs, so I wrapped it and put it in the oven. That took another 4 hrs roughly and I got it to 195. I then wrapped it and placed it in a cooler for an hr and pulled it after and used a finishing dressing found here as well. It had great smoke flavor and was so tender. Thanks for your wisdom here, the only thing I regret was I didn't start it earlier in the day, to be ready for dinner!
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Hello all. Going to do a butt this weekend using a brinkmann electric smoker. It willbe my second time doing one. The first one came out really good. I do have one question, how often should I be adding wood chips to the smoke? I am also thinking of buying an extra grate to go above the heating element to put the chips on there( I wrap in foil) to make it easier to add and take out the foil packs. Will they light being about an inch above the heating element? Thanks in advance
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When I had a smoke n grill I had no luck with chips or chunks unless on lava rocks closest to element
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Do you need to wrap it in aluminum foil or can you go through the whole process without it?

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You can do the whole process without. If I do it that way I tend to run a bit hotter on my cook temps to help push through the stall. Wrapping is used to help push through the stall as well. The thing is by wrapping you won't have the crisp bark and not wrapping you can have drier meat if not enough fat is on it to keep it moist.
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Thanks for the tip!
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I may have cheated a little bit, but here's what I did last weekend.


Its just me and my wife so I started with a 4 lb boston boneless.

Made my own rub (b. sugar, onion and garlic powder, k. salt, cracked b. pepper, chili and mustard powder)

Threw it in my lil' chief smoker with applewood chips for an hour (actually not long enough, needed 30 more min on the smoke)


Then here it is....please don't hate me or judge me....I threw it my crock pot for 5 hrs on high with a 1/4 c. cider vinegar...



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Did my first (5.%lb) pork butt.  I went out and bought a digital meat thermometer.  I started by injecting with seasoned apple juice (soy, worcestershire, brown sugar, my rub, etc.) let set over night in zip lock. Next day I applied my rub and put it in the smoker.  Kept the temp 225 to 260, followed the 165 internal temp wrapped it and brought it to 195 pulled it and let it rest. So to the point, I may have altered a tad, but reading the above info I was confident. It turned out great, it was amazing to see how much of the meat get devoured with just 4 people. Thanks for this posting Meowey.

Im one happy Newbie

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How much of a difference do you find in injecting the meat, Jon?

And thanks for the post, Meowey! Trying this on Saturday.

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I believe I asked myself the same question. Well being that it was my first butt, I'm not sure if there was a difference from a butt that wasn't injected. So the next time I wont inject, I'm just going to apply the rub let it sit a few hours then put it on the smoker and see if its any different.   I will make a note that the injected one was very tender, moist and flavorful, I didn't even want to put any sauce on it. I'll add that I sprayed it down with apple juice every hour while smoking, until I foiled of course.  Good luck on your smoke.

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Just picked up a 6.8lb butt for this Saturday. This will be my first pulled pork. How much wood chunks do you guys typically use? I've seen people throw in 3-4 baseball-size chunks right at the start, hear others add one every hour or so for the first ~5-6 hours. What will impart the best flavour? I'll be smoking with Wild Cherry, and perhaps throw one Hickory in.

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6.8 butt at 225-240 for 7.5hrs on smoker, got up to 158. Took it out and put it in oven @ 250, after one hour went from 153 to 169.

Any idea why the incredibly slow rise on the smoker then smooth sailing w/ the oven?
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I had the same. Stupid stall. Mine happened at about the same temp
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