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Is cure mandatory?

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I have been making Jerky with the hi mountain jerky mixes and it is good but kinda wanted to step out on my own and try some different things. I am wondering about the cure though. Does salt take the place of a "cure" such as in the store bought mixes? I have read in some other threads about the cure and all of it's science, but with that said, how did the indians do it? What does an air dried piece of meat have that a smoked piece of meat doesnt in order to keep it from rotting and so on? Just curious as to how this all works. Thanks all!
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I'm not sure about the indians, but I have done jerky with out cure. I just soaked it in a marinade for 6-12 hrs and then slowly dried it as usual. The jerky never stays around long enough to go bad! Give it a shot .......

here is athread which shows the marinade ...........
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it's more because you smoke at low temperatures help prevent bio-hazards
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